SNC SHRM Year is Coming to an End!

Hello all SHRM Members,

This year has been a delight as usual. This year sure has been one to remember. Overall, it has been a success because of the contributions each member has brought to the table. Whether it was coming to SHRM meetings, going to the state conference, competing in the HR games in Whitewater, attending the Cerebral Palsy Telethon held at WBAY News Center, or attending the plant tour which was at Schneider. If you participated in one of these events you have definitely learned something new and have developed a better understanding of what SHRM is.

Anyways as many of you know elections are at our next SNC SHRM meeting which is on Monday April, 13. All positions will be open so please take time to think about if you would like to be a member on the E-Board. This sure will look good on a resume so keep that in mind. Positions are as follows: President, Vice President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Fundraising and Accounts (Treasurer), and Vice President of Programs and Publicity/Webmaster. Lastly, our Adviser for the club is Professor Matthew Stollak. Click on the link below to access what each position entails. Any other questions please contact Professor Stollak via email at

Again thanks for such a great year and hope to see you at the final meetings ahead.



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First SHRM Meeting of the Semester

Hi All,

Glad to see everyone is back in the swing of things!  Tonight was our first meeting of the semester and it was great to see many new faces.  The meeting was mainly an introduction to the events that will be going on this semester for SNC SHRM.  Dr. Stollak and President Jenna Hines announced a great idea of taking professional head shots in next weeks meeting.  If this interests you, be sure to look your best next week.

Towards the end of fall semester there was an election for new e-board members.  Below are the current e-board members:

President: Jenna Hines

Vice President: Claire Hephner

Vice President of Membership: Liz Secor

Vice President of Fundraising and Accounts(Treasurer): Carley Milbrath

Vice President of Programs and Publicity/Webmaster: Kaila Haen

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Stollak